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Kalray is a fabless semiconductor and software company developing and selling a new generation of manycore processors for low power high performance applications. Our products boost the development of innovative digital applications in the fields of image and signal processing, telecommunication, computing, industrial automation, data management & security, or transport.

MPPA® (Multi Purpose Processor Array) is Kalray’s family of programmable manycore processors, well-suited for compute intensive and highly parallel embedded applications.  It comes with a complete Eclipse® -based Software Development Environment that allows our customers to take advantage of the computing power delivered by the hundreds of cores available on a single chip using our high-level C/C++ programming models.

MPPA® (Multi Purpose Processor Array) programmable manycore processor family is optimal for highly parallel embedded applications requiring high computing power. Our processors come with a programming environment based on Eclipse that enables our customers to leverage the computing power delivered by the hundreds of cores using high-level programming in C / C + +.

MPPA® integrates 256 computing cores on a single chip and is accompanied by a set of tools for software development. MPPA® is superior to conventional programmable logic solutions in terms of performance, power consumption, and cost.

The toolchain "MPPA ACCESSCORE" provides the tools needed to develop applications to replace complex assemblies today DSPs, FPGAs and micro-controllers and their associated tools.
The product offering includes Kalray development platform DEVELOPER MPPA MPPA based processors and integrated whole chain software ACCESSCORE MPPA.


Kalray is involved in several National and European collaborative projects dealing with parallel computing and compilation for multi & many core architectures. We can mention :

  • CHAPI – High performance embedded computing for small & medium series industrial applications
  • SIMILAN – Simulation & implementation of high performance numerical signal processing


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