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Forum TERATEC 2016
Atelier 8 - Mercredi 29 juin de 14h00 à 17h30
Technologies et usages du HPC dans le secteur de la Santé

Big Data for moderne life sciences : challenges and solutions for Data Access (performances, flexibilty, security and privacy)
James COOMER, Technical Director, DDN - Peter CLAPHAM, SANGER

Challenges :

The deluge of Data- generated by the growing capabilities of new generations of instruments (full genome for 1k$,  higher resolution and 3/4D microscopy and scanning,..) combined with the trends to Multi factors analysis methods like emerging inter-omics.

Enhancement of the number of users and of their scope of competencies- the need to turn such analysis into commodity will increase the range of experts who will be dealing with the same data. The usages will become more unpredictable and the access needs to offer enough versatility in relation with the user professional expertise, from the computer scientist through patient-facing clinicians.

Need to share data with comprehensive access control - There are major drives throughout European Life Sciences Institutions to share information and allow cooperation, one answer will be to build highly scalable clouds able to cope with a new ramp in demand and provide efficient response time.

In a cloud environment dealing with precision medicine will put huge stress on data privacy. European nations usually implement strict privacy laws, while more and more genomics and other patient data include identifiable features. This Security dilemma is enhanced by the need to share data across institutional boundaries, data security must lie at the core of these new services

Solutions :

We will outline the Sanger Institute roadmap for building a secure cloud to cope with the ever increasing computational and storage demands with new levels of flexibility.

A set of new developments conducted by DDN in order to provide a secure access to the Lustre parallel file system while keeping the high level of capacity and performance of Lustre . The security features will apply to multiple areas, from Docker containers to user access and auditing. Flexibility will be ensured by big data (hadoop and spark) capabilities.

Bio : Dr James Coomer is Technical Director at DDN and manages the technical team for Europe. James’ career in High Performance Computing started with a PhD in Theoretical Physics at Exeter University (UK), modelling material structures using high-performance computing techniques. James then spent over 6 years at Sun Microsystems and over 3 years at a small UK HPC specialist in a wide range of roles from L3 support through consultancy, training, installation and pre-sales. James has specialised in the past in HPC schedulers, parallel programming and high-performance interconnects before turing to focus on IO and storage in a move to DDN in 2011..

Bio : Dr Peter Clapham leads the Sanger's team responsible for the provision of traditional HPC and to investigate newly emerging IT technologies. Prior to join Sanger, Peter was computer officer et Cambridge University.  Peter did his Ph.D on radiation and genomic instability at the University of Bristol.

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