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What's new with qubits? A European view

Chaired by Guillaume Colin de Verdière, HPC International Expert, CEA and Jean-Philippe Nominé, Fellow in HPC, CEA

After last year workshop focussing on use cases, we come back this year on technological progress on the path to qubits, specifically emphasising European developments.

The workshop will take the perspective of the French National Quantum Strategy, which intends to leverage some of these technologies.

After an overview of the French HQI approach (Hybrid HPC-Quantum Initiative), we will review several available or emerging European qubit technologies.

Teratec ForumCrédit : Further Studio, Nil Hoppenot

Industrialists and researchers will review the European technological advances necessary for the realization of qubits.

Guillaume Colin de Verdière


Guillaume Colin de Verdière

HPC International Expert


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Jean_Philippe Nomine


Jean-Philippe Nominé

Fellow in HPC


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Max Hettrich

Quantum computing for simulation applications

Max Hettrich

Research Engineer

Alpine Quantum Technologies


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Kristel Michielsen

Ubiquitous Quantum Accelerators Based on NV-Centers in Diamond

Dr. Florian Preis

Head of Quantum Software and Applications

Quantum Brilliance

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Goran Wendin

Co-designing quantum accelerators

Bruno G. Taketani

Leader of integration in the company’s system into HPC environments

IQM Quantum Computers

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Sabine Keravel

Quantum Computing with neutral atoms

Loïc Henriet



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Venkatesh Kannan

Building scalable and ultra-coherent quantum computers with carbon nanotubes

Matthieu Desjardins



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Ivano Tavernelli

A lean roadmap towards a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer

Blaise Vignon

Chief Product Officer


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Ivano Tavernelli

Modular optical quantum computing

Niccolo Somaschi




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