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CyberThreats, welcome to a new World !

Chaired by Stéphane Perez, Cybersecurity Project Officer, CEA

Ed. Snowden's revelations have shown that CyberThreats on IT infrastructures are not just good fuel for James Bond movies plots…

Numerous “hackers” are taking advantage of the COVID disease to cause serious damages in health administration. TEHTRIS, a French security company, will show how we could protect the health sector against malware and ransomware,

Our industries, surfing on smart factories and IOTs could expose their vulnerabilities; Schneider Electric will have a talk on that specific subject,

Time, at the heart of the security and data exploitation for a company, is also a cybersecurity challenge. SCPTime will show how to set up an infrastructure and a service to broadcast the legal time of a country with a Secured Certified Precise and Traceable time signal,

We will also have the chance to welcome CERN which will offer a presentation on how to manage cybersecurity in a research organization as well as ANSSI which will deal with French recommendations on the cybersecurity as well as cyber defense operations carried out within the Agency.

Teratec Forum

This workshop aims to raise awareness and give some rules to better protect our installations:
What are the main precautions we have to take care of?
Where are the vulnerabilities of our installations?

Stephane Perez


Stéphane Perez

Cybersecurity Project Officer


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Sylvie Andraud

Cyber threat status and CSIRTs : ANSSI point of view

Sylvie Andraud

Division coordination sectorielle, Bureau Energie, Transport et Environnement


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Stephan Luders

Cybersecurity in an academic research organization

Stefan Lüders

Computer Security Officer


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Sebastien Theo

Time cybersecurity challenges

Sébastien Téot



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Sebastien Theo

Industrial cybersecurity, pillar of the digital transformation of Schneider Electric factories

Yann Bourjault

Head of Digital Transformation & Industrial Cybersecurity

Schneider Electric

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Jerome Athias

Response to incidents with XDR

Jérôme Athias

Senior CERT Analyst


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Sylvie Andraud

Feedbacks from cyberdefense operations at ANSSI

Elisabeth Saint Aubain

Cyberdefense Operation Manager


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