TQCI Seminar

Overview of upcoming application-oriented benchmarks for quantum computing in France and abroad


11 May 2023 THALES TRT – PALAISEAU from 9:00 to 18:00

Quantum computing is expected to revolutionize multiple technical fields and activity sectors, from optimization of industrial activities or in finance, to simulation for research, engineering or pharmaceutical industry, to name a few.

While looking to the future, it is critical to measure the progress towards the realization of such promises. Application-oriented benchmarks, enabling to evaluate the real performance of quantum computing from the user perspective appear to be useful within this perspective.

The challenge comes from the diversity of the hardware platforms, their specificities in terms of physical characteristics and applications, their maturity and the potential rapid evolution of the technologies…

In this one-day seminar, the approach supported by the France's National Quantum Strategy towards such a reliable and objective benchmarking tool will be presented and similar international initiatives will be highlighted.


9h00 – 9h30: Welcome

  • David Sadek, VP Research, Technology & Innovation, THALES 
  • Jean-Rémy Filtz, Industrial and Scientific Metrology Director, LNE
  • Daniel Verwaerde, Chairman, TERATEC

9h30 - 10h40: The project for application-oriented benchmarks supported by the French National Quantum Strategy

10h40 – 11h10: Coffee break – Networking

11h10 – 12h10: Vision of French and international QPU providers

  • Round table animated by Cyril Baudry (EDF)

*       Thomas Monz, CEO and founder, AQT
*       Jérémie Guillaud, Chief of Theory, Alice & Bob
*       Pierre Desjardins, CEO and co-founder, C12
*       Xavier Geoffret, Quantum computing technical sales manager, IQM
*       Loïc Henriet, CTO Pasqal,
*       Jean Senellart, Chief Product Officer, Quandela
*       Maud Vinet, CEO and co-founder, Siquance

12h10 – 13h00: Vision of French and international end-users

  • Round table animated by Sabine Mehr (HQI)

*       Cyril Baudry, Architecte SI EDF R&D
*       Bertrand le Saux, Senior scientist, ESA
*       Nobuyasu Ito, QuantumComputing Simulation Unit Leader, RIKEN
*       Kristel Michielsen, Head of Quantum Computing at JSC, FZ Jülich
*       Philippe Deniel, Fellow Expert, CEA

13h00 – 14h00: Lunch

14h00 – 18h00: European and international initiatives :

15h45 – 16h00: Coffee break – Networking

18h00 – End of the day



Thales Research & Technology 
Campus Polytechnique
1 Avenue Augustin Fresnel 
Nearest Parking (paying):
2 Rue Jean Pacilly



Teratec: Emmanuelle Vergnaud : emmanuelle.vergnaud@teratec.fr
Thales: Frédéric Barbaresco : frederic.barbaresco@thalesgroup.com
LNE: Félicien Schopfer : felicien.schopfer@lne.fr

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Campus Teratec - 2 rue de la Piquetterie