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Autonomous Systems: Stakes from Development to Exploitation

Chaired by Gilles Le Calvez, VIS BG R&I, VALEO Systèmes de Visibilité

The development of autonomous systems requires many diverse resources, that everyone could be convinced of their importance and especially how they needed to grow. Following the development and the experimentations that are now numerous, it appears mandatory to consider the requirements that are needed for commercial services in public spaces by autonomous systems, especially regarding autonomous mobility.

We will address in this workshop the part that is related to the required means for the development and their complementarity, or convergence with the means that are embedded in the autonomous systems as such (for instance, calculation or data processing means). The various interlocutors will then share :

  • their view on the means and processes to collect / store data, including security aspects and scalability required to guarantee the necessary growth due to the learning needs of the algorithms implementing Artificial Intelligence

  • the challenges they consider in data processing, all along the process from learning until "start of production of commercial exploitation"

  • their approach of the calculation means granting a smooth transition between the development environments and the embedded systems

  • the means and processes required for verification of the security of the systems and services in their use cases (considering necessary evolutions during commercial exploitation)

  • the vision of an equipment supplier that develops such systems and is therefore a user for all aforementioned topics 

Teratec Forum

The speakers will be available to answer questions on these topics in an exchange after an initial presentation.





Gilles Le Calvez


VALEO Systèmes de Visibilité


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Trustworthy AI for Industry

Julien Chiaroni

Directeur Grand Défi en Intelligence Artificielle

Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement (SGPI)

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SW defined cars: HPC, from the cloud to the dashboard for an amazing driver experience

Eric Lalardie

Director EMEAI Sales & Business Development


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Developing Autonomous Systems: Why a local global Infrastructure is a prerequisite

Gilles Tourpe

Senior Go-To-Market Specialist HPC

Amazon Web Services

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Edmondo Orlotti

Data challenges in Autonomous system’s training, validation, and production

Edmondo Orlotti

Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager


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