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Wednesday October 14, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 08 - 14:00 to 17:30

HPC, Digital-trust and (Cyber)security
Chaired by Jean-Pierre Tual, Scientific advisor, Systematic Competitiveness Cluster

Converge HPC - IoT: Challenges and constraints
By Thierry Collette, Ph.D., Director of the Information Sciences and Techniques Research Group, Thales Research

If the fields of high performance computing (HPC) and that of embedded systems have evolved separately, we have observed in recent years a connection between these fields, connection facilitated since the arrival of the Internet of Things.

Therefore it becomes important to consider the embedded  system not only on the on-board component, but with HPC capacities associated with it. Thus,  specific properties of the embedded field must be present inside the HPC field and vice versa. Functional and non-functional properties must be present within the high-performance computers, similarly, constraints in terms of programming language must also be considered inside the "Edge" computing structure, a new component of the embedded system.

The objective of this presentation is therefore to introduce these developments as well as the associated challenges that we must collectively address in order to integrate high-performance, real-time and secure computing capacities inside embedded systems of the furture.

Biography  : Thierry Collette is the director of the Information Sciences and Techniques Research Group at Thales Research France. This group deals with embedded computing infrastructures and AI algorithms, and designs and transfers innovations to the GBUs of Thales. Previously, Thierry Collette was the CTO of the European Processor Initiative (EPI) in 2018 and the division VP in charge of technological development for embedded systems and integrated components at CEA Leti & List for eight years. Before that, he was the deputy director in charge of programs and strategy at CEA List. He obtained an electrical engineering degree and a Ph.D in microelectronics. He contributed to the creation of five CEA startups, especially Kalray in 2008.

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