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Wednesday October 14, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 04 - 14:00 to 15:30

Cloud Computing & HPC: A powerful combination driving innovative use cases
Chaired by Philippe Bricard, president, UCit

Microsoft Azure, HPC and usage born in the cloud
By Alexandre Jean, HPC AI Technical specialist and Gabriel Sallah, EMEA HPC and Big data architect, Microsoft

For several years now, Microsoft has been working hand in hand with users in their often growing quests for computing power, storage space, artificial intelligence and many other increasingly innovative technologies. 

With the objective of providing the means adjusted to their needs, Microsoft offers several HPC solutions to meet current and new challenges such as autonomous cars.

During this presentation Microsoft will briefly present HPC solutions such as specialized servers for computing as well as turnkey tools for users to run their applications.

Building an ADAS test and development environment in the cloud

This session will focus on the key Azure Cloud services needed to meet the demanding end-to-end requirements of testing and validating autonomous driving vehicles: from large-scale data ingestion (PB), to large-scale simulations (60,000+ cores) using high-performance computing (HPC), to scalable machine learning model creation, deployment and management. The presentation will share real-world experience of successfully building this platform for major OEMs and tier suppliers.

Biography: Alexandre Jean is an Azure technical specialist at Microsoft. Through his expertise in HPC he works with clients in EMEA to provide customized HPC solutions in Azure/Cloud.
Biography : Autonomous driving solutions Lead at Microsoft Global Blackbelt in EMEA. Focus on ADAS projects across all the major OEMS and Tier one suppliers. Gabriel has more than 20 years building large scale HPC , Big Data and AI platforms across Automotive, Financial markets, Life Sciences and Academia at Microsoft(EMEA), IBM (EMEA),Barclays Capital (London) and Standard Chartered bank(Singapore) . Graduate from Heriot-Watt University (Computer Science) and Post Graduate from Napier university (Computer Aided Engineering) in Scotland.


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