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Wednesday October 14, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 04 - 14:00 to 15:30

Cloud Computing & HPC: A powerful combination driving innovative use cases
Chaired by Philippe Bricard, president, UCit

Cloud Computing & HPC :
Opposition or Complementarity

By Philippe Bricard, président, UCit

Historically, HPC and Cloud Computing have been seen as competitive technologies. With the raise of a new continuum from sensors distributed at the edge of the network, to hybrid infrastructures where HPC resources are a constituency of complex data centric workflows it is becoming obvious that these resources are complementary.

While simulation have always been valued by industries, the complexity and costs of building an HPC infrastructure prevented its democratization. The capability provided by Cloud providers  to build  HPC clusters on the fly at a competitive cost is changing the way clients of all size and public sector integrates flexibility in their approach to simulation.

Biography  : Philippe is an engineer who worked during 25 years for IBM, where he managed multiple technical and business units in HPC, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing supervising a number of acquisitions in this field.  In 2015 he created UCit to help clients integrating Cloud and HPC Services in their HPC environments. At that time, Philippe presented UCit through the following statement: « We are entering an era where simulation will be at your fingertips. Every scientist or engineer will soon get the ability to access and select the best resources to run their jobs. Successful organizations will embrace that change and get ready for it. At UCit, our people, products and processes allow them to do that by applying Data Science to HPC data.»

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