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Key customers trial Allinea DDT for the NVIDIA CUDA architecture


Warwick, United Kingdom – Allinea Software today announced that it has made available a pre-release version of the Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) for the CUDA architecture to selected end-user customers. This software will be demonstrated live at SC’09.

Following a successful collaboration with NVIDIA and the Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique (CEA), Allinea Software has developed a version of DDT that offers native support for NVIDIA Tesla GPUs based on the massively parallel CUDA architecture. This Linux-specific version of DDT complements and extends the capabilities of NVIDIA’s CUDA Toolkit by providing the ability to debug HPC applications across clusters of multi-core x86-64 servers, each of which may contain multiple Telsa GPUs. The intuitive GUI interface offers a seamless debugging experience on these hybrid architectures by combining features for MPI, OpenMP and CUDA within a single, easy-to-use development platform.

“Over recent months, our technical team has been working closely with NVIDIA to ensure that we can provide native debugging capabilities on CUDA-enabled hardware. At the same time, we have collaborated with key end-users, and in particular the CEA, to define product features that are specific to this particular programming paradigm,’ said Michael Rudgyard, CEO of Allinea Software. “By providing developers with a consistent framework for debugging multi-process, multi-threaded code that runs on native x86-64 hardware as well as on Tesla co-processors, we believe that we can help PetaFlop computing on hybrid architectures to become a mainstream technology.”   

A full version of DDT for the CUDA architecture is expected in Q1 2009, although potential customers are invited to contact Allinea if they are interested in early access to this technology.
Allinea Software and NVIDIA will be exhibiting at the Supercomputing Conference (SC’09) in Portland, USA from November 16 -20, 2009. Demonstrations of DDT for the CUDA architecture will take place on the Allinea stand, booth #1808.

About Allinea Software Ltd.

Based in Warwick (UK), with subsidiaries in the US and Germany, Allinea Software Ltd. is a leading supplier of tools for parallel programming and high performance computing (HPC).  Allinea’s products are used by leading commercial and research institutions across the world, and have consistently set the standard for affordability, functionality and ease-of-use – whether applied to applications at modest scale or peta-scale applications on the world’s largest supercomputers. With new product features aimed at multi-threaded applications and novel computing architectures, Allinea is now bringing its wealth of experience in parallel tools to the rapidly-expanding arena of multi-core processing. For more information, visit

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