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Immeuble Cap Nord
4 allée Marie Berhaut
35000    RENNES



Direction Scientifique et Technique
François BODIN
Directeur Technique

Estelle DULSOU
Responsable Marketing





CAPS is a major supplier of solutions dedicated to application deployment on manycore processors with a focus on GPUs.

CAPS mission is in keeping with the innovative and fast moving multicore market and helps industries with high level HPC issues to allow their software developers to take the most of multicore processors while preserving their legacy source.

CAPS offers a whole range of development tools and services enabling its customers' applications to optimize the performance of multicore processors used by the last generation hardware.
Among these environments: HMPP™ (Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming), a hybrid compiler that gives developers an easy access to manycore systems and simplifies the use of hardware accelerators in conventional general purpose applications.
CAPS also offers services ranging from manycore parallel programming trainings to complete application porting and expertise.

To learn more about CAPS, please visit www.caps-entreprise.com


Leading innovator in parallel programming tools, CAPS is also actively involved in many French and European Research and Development projects around the development of multicore compiling technologies and optimization methods.

Within TERATEC, CAPS is involved in the following projects:

COBRA : Computing Fabric for high performance Applications

CHAPI : High performance & flexible integrated circuits for embedded computing

MANYCORELABS : Software tools for Manycore embedded platforms

APOS : Application Performance Optimization and Scalability

H4H : Optimise HPC Applications on Heterogeneous Architectures

OPARUS : Optimization and Parallelization for Analysis and Reconstruction of ultrasonic NDT

PROHMPT : Programming Heterogeneous Multicore Processor Technologies


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