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Nicolas PRUVOT
Advanced Computing Solutions Sales Team Leader
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2CRSI designs and manufactures IT infrastructures from the simplest and most common to the most complex and innovative. As a specialist in HPC, 2CRSI stands out for its ability to develop convergent, agnostic and scalable solutions. While using the best in technology and components on the market, 2CRSI provides high-performance and high-density solutions that offer greater flexibility and scalability.

For example, the OpenBlade is a convergent IT platform developed by 2CRSI, to provide a modular, scalable all-in-one infrastructure. As a result of 10 years of research and development and of exchanges with its customers, the OpenBladeTM is a unique solution in the HPC market. In addition, 2CRSI designs servers such as the Hexaphi, a rackable server with 6 Xeon Phi cards and achieves a maximum computing power of 8.92 teraFLOPS. A complete HexaPhi-based bay will be able to reach a calculation power of 115 teraflops at a cost of $ 425,000, or less than $3,700 per teraFLOPS.

If 2CRSI manages to stay ahead of the game in such a dynamic market, it is thanks to its strategic partnerships and its R & D resources.

2CRSI has the Intel certification "Technology Provider Platinum - HPC Datacenter Specialist", one of the few French companies to have this aggregation. 2CRSI is also a NVidia Partner, an authorized reseller of the TESLA GPU family of servers and accelerated computing solutions.

Through its strong partnerships, 2CRSI is recognized as a reliable value for HPC, with customers as American universities (Caltech, University of South Carolina, etc.), advanced industries (military, aerospace, geophysical prospecting, etc.). ).

Thanks to a R&D department with engineers specialized in electronics, mechanics, computers and thermodynamics, 2CRSI has the resources necessary to keep innovation at the heart of its activity.

2CRSI & Teratec

2CRSI, as a computer manufacturer, is investing heavily in research and development on future high-performance computing systems.

Today, we share our experience of HPC within TERATEC. We seek to invest with European players by building partnerships to move forward on the issues of storage and intensive computing.

R&D Activities
  • Distributed storage, serverless
  • GPU opencompute platform
  • Openblade third generation


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