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Forum Teratec 2021
Wednesday June 23

Workshop 04 - 16:00 to 18:00

Satellite data dedicated to environment and climate: Digital twins ahead

Chaired by Laurent Boisnard, Sous-directeur adjoint, CNES and Christelle Loiselet, Ingénieure expert, BRGM

Designing the future of wildfire modeling guided by high-resolution remote sensing data
By Mélanie Rochoux, Chercheur Senior, Cerfacs
and Marielle Jappiot, Ingénieur de recherche, Inrae

The recent occurrence of extreme wildfire events highlights the urgent need of designing modeling systems to provide insights into the wildland fire dynamics and its driving factors at the scale of an event. Predicting landscape-scale wildfire behavior remains a challenge due to the strong atmosphere/fire interactions and to the uncertainties associated with meteorological and biophysical factors. Data assimilation offers a promising framework to take advantage of the recent advances in remote sensing to improve model predictions.

In this talk, we will discuss the challenges to develop and evaluate a wildland fire reanalysis capability to infer more realistic environmental factors and reconstruct the complete time history of a given fire event through the assimilation of remote sensing data, in particular infrared images. Achieving this objective requires the design of a novel ensemble-based data assimilation approach able to represent simulated and observed fire front uncertainties. Emulation of the coupled atmosphere/fire model is a key aspect to make the approach applicable to case study of increasing complexity, from controlled burns to actual wildfires.

Designing such a reanalysis capability will ultimately provide a digital twin framework to analyze fire-induced atmospheric processes such as pyroconvection, and anticipate possible changes in wildland fires due to climate change.

Biography: Dr. Mélanie Rochoux is a senior Research Scientist at CERFACS, a French research institute developing advanced methods for the numerical simulation of large scientific problems of interest for research and industry. She holds a PhD degree in Engineering Sciences from Ecole Centrale Paris (2014). Her work is dedicated to the development of new modelling approaches, at the interface between physical modeling and statistical learning, to improve our understanding of wildfires and of their interactions with the atmosphere.
Biography: Dr. Marielle Jappiot is a senior Research Scientist at INRAE, a French National Research Institute for Agronomy and Environment. She is the Director of the RECOVER Unit Research (Risk, Ecosystems, Vulnerability, Resilience). She holds a PhD degree in Ecological Sciences from Aix-Marseille University in Marseille (1992). Her work is dedicated to fire risk modeling, specifically in wildland-urban interface, using remote sensing data.



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