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Workshops - Wednesday June 12

Workshop 2 - 09:00 to 12:30
Quantum computing : which applications will benefit ?
Chaired by Cyril ALLOUCHE, Atos and Henri CALANDRA, Total

Function Maximization with Dynamic Quantum Search

By Charles MOUSSA, Mathematical Engineer/ Data Scientist/ Quantum Computing Scientist, Total

Finding the maximum value of a function in a dynamic model plays an important role in many application settings, including discrete optimization in the presence of hard constraints. We present an iterative quantum algorithm for finding the maximum value of a function in which prior search results update the acceptable response. Our approach is based on quantum search and utilizes a dynamic oracle function to mark items in a specified input set. As a realization of function optimization, we verify the correctness of the algorithm using numerical simulations of quantum circuits for the Knapsack problem. Our simulations make use of an explicit oracle function based on arithmetic operations and a comparator subroutine, and we verify these implementations using numerical simulations up to 30 qubits..

Biography : Charles MOUSSA, initially having a background in Mathematical Engineering, spent 18 months visiting Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) as an exchange visitor, sent by TOTAL. He investigated quantum computing for the company there, looking especially at how quantum computing could be leveraged for applications.

Now, he collaborates with TOTAL, and will start a PhD on Quantum machine Learning with a focus on industrial applications.

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Chaired by Guillaume COLIN DE VERDIERE, CEA

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