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Workshops - Wednesday June 12

Workshop 2 - 09:00 to 12:30
Quantum computing : which applications will benefit ?
Chaired by Cyril ALLOUCHE, Atos and Henri CALANDRA, Total

Hamiltonian simulation applied to the wave equation

By Adrien SUAU, Research Engineer, CERFACS

Quantum computing promises to solve efficiently some crucial problems in scientific computing such as computational chemistry, linear systems solving and partial differential equations. Even if actual quantum algorithms for these kind of problems are curently unpractical due to hardware limitations such as coherence times or gate errors, implementing them using quantum simulators is particularly interesting. Algorithmic complexity and real implementation requirements can be evaluated this way, giving a first insight into what might come and what will be possible. This talk will explain how we implemented a 1-dimensional wave equation solver using Hamiltonian simulation on a quantum emulator. The ressource requirements on a quantum computer will also be studied and commented. This talk will end with a quick overview of ongoing and future work in this topic.

Biography : Adrien Suau is a Research Engineer on quantum computing at CERFACS, the basic and applied research center, specialized in modeling and numerical simulation and located in Toulouse, France. He holds an engineering degree in Informatics & Applied Mathematics from ENSIMAG, the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble as well as a Master’s degree in Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics. He joined CERFACS in 2018 as an intern to investigate the applications of quantum computing for scientific computing, and stayed on as a Research Engineer.

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