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Forum Teratec 2022
Plenary session
Tuesday 14 June 2022

Digital Simulation for High Performance, Big Data and Machine Learning (AI): Technology challenges and diversity of use

Facets of Green HPC: Carbon-neutral site operations, energy efficiency and overall sustainability
Utz-Uwe HAUS
Directeur EMEA Research Lab, HPE

Sustainability of HPC systems is a multifaceted topic, as it encompasses not only the operational aspects, like energy consumption, and resource lifecycle of the components, but also extends into the integration – both as a facility, and as a tool – into a circular economy. All of these apects come with different mathematical and thus algorithmic requirements, offering both new challenges and new opportunities for the HPC community and vendors alike.

Biography: Dr. Utz-Uwe Haus, Head of the HPE HPC/AI EMEA Research Lab (ERL), studied mathematics and computer science at the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin). After obtaining a doctorate in mathematics at the University of Magdeburg (Germany) he worked on nonstandard applications of mathematical optimization in chemical engineering, material science, and systems biology. He co-founded CERL, the CRAY EMEA Research Lab in 2015, which is now ERL. His research interests focus on parallel programming and data aware scheduling problems, data analytics in the context of semantic databases, and novel compute architectures, and their relation to Mathematical Optimization and Operations Research, as well as GreenHPC, i.e., making data centers flexible and efficient energy network participants in a decentralized European energy landscape.

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