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Workshops - Wednesday October 14

Workshop 2 - 16:00 to 17:30

Do you speak Exascale?
Chaired by Guillaume Colin de Verdière, Senior Expert on HPC and Jean-Philippe Nominé, HPC Strategic Collaborations Manager, CEA DAM

The Path to Exascale and Beyond
By Dr. Bradley (Brad) McCredie, Corporate Vice President, GPU Platforms, AMD

The path to exascale computing is the path of cost performance optimization. In fact, cost/performance optimization has been a constant in IT. However, the definition of cost and performance has evolved over the past 2 decades. What is it going to take to truly drive performance and add value in today's HPC market? Join industry veteran Brad McCredie, Vice President for the Data Center GPU and Accelerated Processing business at AMD as he shares key insights and innovation strategies to drive to exascale computing and beyond.

Biographie : Dr. Bradley (Brad) McCredie, joined AMD in June 2019 as Vice President Data Center GPU and Accelerated Processing running the Data Center GPU and Accelerated Processing Business driving AMDs data center strategy covering Data Center GPU and CPU + GPU solutions.

Prior to joining AMD Brad was an IBM Fellow and Vice President of IBM Power Systems Development. In that role, Brad was responsible for system hardware, software, solutions, and ecosystem development teams, driving advanced technologies to support customer needs. During his tenure at IBM, Brad worked on the development of IBM POWER2 - POWER9 processor families. Additionally, Brad helped to lead the creation of the OpenPOWER foundation, an independent group of global technologists who encourage the adoption of an open server architecture for computer data centers.

McCredie holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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