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Forum TERATEC 2013
Atelier 6 - Mercredi 26 juin de 14h00 à 18h00
Modélisation et simulation au service de la ville durable

Planification urbaine et simulation des pollutions de l’air
Fabien BROCHETON, Directeur technique, NUMTECH

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Abstract : The importance of research data for modern science is growing daily, and new initiatives are required to cope with the resulting “data deluge”. Distributed grid/cloud computing infrastructures are serving more and more interThe concept of "sustainable city" involves more and more restrictive environmental requirements to improve the quality of urban life (unpolluted air, transport optimisation). In this context, NUMTECH specializing in modelling air quality, offers Urban Air System "UAS" first platform to monitor and forecast air quality at the urban scale. It is the one the few operational decision tools existing over the world at this time. With a growing popularity in France (e.g. Paris is equipped with the "Votre Air" version developed for smart-phones application), this tool is also one of the major advantages to promote the expertise of NUMTECH to international which is increasingly seen a strengthening of local regulations on air quality and a certain awareness of the impacts of air pollution on the environment and health.

Biography : After obtaining a PhD at LISA (Inter-University Laboratory of Atmospheric Systems) on the modelling of air pollution, Fabien Brocheton worked at the Research Centre of Météo-France. He participated in the development of photochemical model MOCAGE (used in PREV'AIR national platform) and coordinated the ESCOMPTE international inter-comparison exercise of photochemical models. In 2006, he joined NUMTECH, a French SME specialized in the field of air quality and meteorological calculation, where he is currently the Technical Director. He has managed the deployment of urban modelling system at international (Dubai, Casablanca, Timisoara) and is in charge of the management of collaborative research project with different academic, public or private partners (INRIA, LISA, LSCE, Suez-Environnement, …).





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